Inventory / P.O. Financing

Ship Product to Customers

Your customers want to buy, but you don't have the cash to build and ship. We can provide you with the capital you need to fulfill your customer orders.

Business Term Loans

Invest in Growth

You've successfully built your business to this point, but need capital to get to the next level. We can help fuel your growth with tailored loans.

Receivables Financing

Turn Invoices into Cash

You've shipped your orders to customers, but now you have to wait to get paid. We can help you turn those accounts receivable into fast cash.

Equipment Financing

Expand Your Capacity

You want to upgrade your machinery or bring in-house a critical step in your supply chain. We will help you acquire those vital pieces of equipment.

Companies are as unique and diverse as people, so we do not have fixed lending parameters -- we will consider many different situations. However, our ideal borrowers have the following profile:

  • U.S.-based product companies
  • some kind of intellectual property or other sustainable competitive advantage
  • over $1 million in trailing 12-month revenue (or a clear path to that level within 12 months)
  • 60%+ gross margins (or a clear path to that level of gross margin profitability)

If you meet these criteria, or believe that you have a great opportunity that we should consider, then we encourage you to contact us using this form >>